Well after a pretty good start in week number one, weeks two and three fizzled out a bit.  In week two I only managed 4 hours 50 minutes and 71 miles.  This was in large part due to a flat incurred on my Saturday ride, turning it from a planned 2-2.5 hour ride to a 30 minute ride.  My Thursday workout got moved to Friday due to a family conflict; Thursdays are turning out to be difficult to get to for me thus far. Sunday I had a really great 3 hour ride with some locals, nothing difficult but the plan calls for endurance miles so that's what I did.

Week number three was slightly better with 5 hours 47 minutes for 88 miles, however I did stray from the plan slightly.  Tuesday I did my first set of power intervals: 2(sets) x 3(intervals) x 3 minutes with 3 minutes rest between intervals and 8 minutes rest between sets.  Blew myself out on the first interval averaging 310 watts for the 3 minutes and quickly realized I wouldn't be able to complete the workout at that level.  The remaining intervals were done at ~260 watts, which was difficult but I completed them all.  Wednesday I was blessed to join the HoCo group for their regular ride to see off one of the regulars who is moving back to England.  My legs were slightly toasty from the previous day's intervals and Wednesday is supposed to be a rest day so I headed out with B group.  It wasn't long (11 miles) before I realized that (probably) a combination of the heat and my legs were not going to allow me to complete their ride at the pace they were going, which sadly wasn't fast at all.  I split off and did the short ride with one other person and while I felt like I'd ridden very hard I only averaged 14. mph for the 24 mile journey.  Normalized power was 225 watts which is a pretty decent effort for my current fitness, but average heart rate was 157bpm which indicates that it was nothing special.  To make the night even weirder, turns out that the C group (which I waited for at the split for 6 minutes before continuing on) had a ride go down on a very fast left-hand bend and he had to be medivaced out; some broken ribs and road rash, but otherwise he is doing okay.  Thursday workout again was moved to Friday to allow some recovery; the was my first go at over-under intervals and they aren't so fun.  No ride on Saturday as the family spent the day at the beach, but I got out Sunday for 2.25 hours for an effort that exceeded the plan's endurance mileage requirement, having a normalized power of 231 watts.  Part of this was due to the ride leaving before the posted time and me doing a 20 minute time trial effort before I was able to chase them down; my normalized power for this effort was 275 watts.  These numbers indicate to me that I probably soft-pedaled my initial field test so I may make an adjustment going forward.  I felt this ride in my legs later that day but was fine the next morning.  I'll also mention that I've been stretching nearly every night trying to relieve my back issue; the Sunday ride was the first ride I've done outdoors in more than a year where I can't remember it bothering me.  My fingers are crossed that this continues.

So currently I am in week four, which is a rest week in the plan.  By rest week I mean that I have Tuesday off or I may chose to do some easy pedaling for 45 minutes; I chose the former and took the time to write this entry.  Below are the stats:

Week #2:

  • Weight: 208 lbs
  • Time ridden: 4 hours 50 minutes
  • Miles ridden: 71
  • Training Stress Score: 406

Week #3:

  • Weight: 208 lbs
  • Time ridden: 5 hours 47 minutes
  • Miles ridden: 87
  • Training Stress Score: 573