Today we lost our pet cat Sneezy.  For the past six months or more he has steadfastly refused to use the litter box for pooping; in the past two months he has also refused to pee in the box.  For an eSneezy Catven longer time before any of that he lost his hearing, we believe completely.  Up until yesterday he mostly kept his voiding contained to the concrete floor in our utility room where his litter boxes are kept.  Aside from that and being slightly more social in the past couple of weeks, he lived his life as he had the previous 17 years I've had him: he kind of kept to himself, lounged in the sun and not much else.

For the past week or so we'd noticed that he started walking a bit gingerly on his back legs but it didn't seem to keep him from doing anything he normally did.  Around the same time he started to get a lot of weeping ooze coming from his eyes and they needed to be cleaned daily.  Still, he seemed perfectly normal to us.  Then yesterday he voided on the kitchen floor right in front of Karrie.  Later last night, he voided in his own bed, after which we decided to confine him to the utility room for the night.  This morning I went down to check on him and he meowed but did not get up.  A few hours later Karrie called me at work and told me that Sneezy was not doing well, he was unable to walk and had fallen down the stairs while trying to come up from the basement; she felt it was time.

I made an appointment at the vet and left work for the day.  When I arrived home Karrie had lay Sneezy in his bed in front of the big window in the sun. He didn't really move very much although he did crane his head around a few times.  He attempted to get up a couple of times but was unable to so I decided it best to put him down.  For the past six months I'd talked a big game about having him put down because I was tired of cleaning up after him, especially when there was no medical reason for his voiding outside of the box.  Every time I thought "today is the day" I backed out because I was struggling with putting down an animal that was not suffering.  Today there was no question in my mind that putting Sneezy to sleep was the best thing I could do for an old friend who was ready to move on.

Goodbye, Sneezy, we'll miss your 2am crying sessions.