Monster Jam 2011It has been forever since I did I've written about my family so let me catch you up for 2011.  We had a lot of snow this winter.  Not really the deluge we had last year when we were getting 24-inches at a time, but more frequent storms with smaller amounts which added up over time.  Brady went sledding for the very first time and had an absolute blast on the little hill in our backyard, complete with a jump at the end courtesy of mommy, who also had a really good time sledding.

In other "firsts", Brady has his first dental appointment in February and had no cavities at all. Karrie and I were really sweating heading in because some of his cousins did not have good first visits, one with six cavities and one who needed a root canal.  He also attended his first Monster Jam and had a really good time and has begun taking swim lessons.  Brady is doing really well in his pre-school and we are noticing that it has definitely started to bring him out of his shell a little bit; he's still a tad shy, but not nearly as bad as he used to be and he doesn't freak out when other kids bump into him anymore.

On the Lucas front, he too has had his share of "firsts".  This past Friday we celebrated his first birthday with a small party of family at our house.  Exactly one week before his birthday he officially began walking and he is very excited about it.  He has really been talking up a storm lately and it appears that he is focusing on trying to make us laugh frequently.

Coming up for the Nearys: tomorrow Lucas has minor surgery to correct an issue the doctors misdiagnosed when he was born but we are sure that he will come through with flying colors.  Brady is going to play an undetermined sport this fall/summer; he's asking for football because that is what his cousin is playing, but we are thinking soccer.  In only one month, Brady will turn four.  We can hardly believe it has been four years already; he's grown into such a little man.

That's about it for now.  I'll try to keep things more current going forward, but make no promises!