Kind of at the last minute I decided to do this race in the small little town of Smoketown, Pennyslvania, about 20 minutes east of Lancaster.  My teammate Tom also decided to do this race and after Karrie and the boys decided they would go watch, I booked rooms for us at Spruce Lane Lodge and Cottages since the early start time necessitated us spending the night in order to be on time.  The cottage we had was really nice and as a bonus, I could walk out the door, turn left, walk 50 feet and be on the airport's perimeter road.

The weather for this race had been looking iffy the last couple of days and on race morning it was wet and sprinkling.  Tom and I headed over, registered and set up our trainers in one of the hangars to warm up.  Karrie and the boys showed up just prior the race start.  One of the reasons this race appealed to me was the relative flatness of the course; a one mile circuit of the airport's two runways with a 180 degree turn on one end and a couple of smaller turns to navigate the other end.  The start side was the longer of the two and was slightly uphill.  The category 5 race was to be 15 miles and they started us off with a neutral lap behind the officials' vehicle.  Once the gun sounded we were off and pace was fast.

I only managed to stay attached to the lead group for four laps before getting unhitched.  Every lap I went by, Karrie and Brady could be heard yelling encouragement to me, which was motivating, however the elastic snapped and I was off on my own.  About five laps later I was caught by a group of three other racers and the four of worked together to the end where I was beaten by half a wheel in the sprint of our group.

Overall I was not dissatisfied with my 18th place finish of about 50 racers, even though only 31 showed in the results; I'm guessing they did not include DNF'd riders.  I think this is one I will definitely do again next year, maybe adding some time to see of the sites in the area with the family.