On the bike, that is; that is my goal for 2014.  In 2011 I rode/trained my way into the best shape of my post military life at 180lbs, a top-10 in my first road race in decades and racing into the top half of my cyclocross races.  Unfortunately my cyclocross season was marred with wrecks and injuries and I didn't realize the full potential of my training.  Moreover, the 5500 miles on the bike (Jan-Oct) was a strain on my family and as a result I cut back in 2012 with ~2400 miles and no training whatsoever.  2013 was even more dismal for my cycling with less than 1200 miles as I really focused on my boys and it was difficult to pull myself away from them to get out on the bike.

So, for 2014 I want to get back to the mediocrity I had found in 2011, or at least get close.  To that end, I have a lot of work ahead of me based on my high-tech, bastard scale which reported the following for me on January 1, 2014:

Weight: 220.2 lbs
BMI: 28.3
% Body Fat: 30.5
% Muscle: 31.9
RM KCAL: 1978
Body Age: 69 (FFFFUUUUUUU!!!!!)

On January 1, 2014 my body also reported to me that it was now devoid of whatever cardiovascular fitness I once thought I possessed.  A 25 mile ride with 1760 feet of climbing took 1hr 52min, or 13.6mph average, which by all accounts is pretty pitiful.

So my plan is to ride/train six hours a week without a major impact on my family.  To do this I will work nine hour days, three days a week.  The remaining two work days will be 6.5 hours, allowing me to get home and ride for 1.5 hours each day before my kids get home from school.  The remaining three hours of riding will come via a long ride on the weekend.  In addition to riding, I also plan to incorporate some weight training to help build some much needed muscle.

No doubt this plan of attack will be challenging.  For the moment I plan to simply do easy rides, then ramp up the intensity come late March or April, relearning how to suffer and like it.  Hopefully I will document my successes and challenges here along with my progress.