Karrie and are often amused at the traits each of us have that Brady and Lucas seem to have picked up/inherited.  For example, Lucas sleeps exactly like I do, on his side with his hand under his face.  Brady rubs his feet against our legs when we lay in bed with him to read a book, just like Karrie does to me when we lay in bed.  We have noticed several things along the same lines over the years; sometimes it is a Lucas/Mike trait, sometimes Brady/Mike, sometimes Lucas/Karrie and other times Brady/Karrie.

Recently we encountered one that was pretty hilarious, but it requires some background first.  Many years ago when Karrie and I were dating Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" came on the radio as we were driving.  After a couple verses it was clear to me that Karrie was singing the wrong lyrics.  After some discussion she told me that she thought the words were (and she had been singing for years) "Awesome sugar honey" instead of "Pour some sugar on me."  Since that day, after I straightened her out, whenever this song comes on and we are both present it results in much laughter from us both.  This ability to sing the incorrect lyrics without shame is the trait we are discussing here.

So the other day Karrie and the boys were listening to Music Choice on the TV downstairs and the Bastille song, "Pompeii" came on.  Brady, who loves to sing just about any song, was singing when Karrie noticed a slight discrepancy.  Instead of singing the correct lyric of "How am I gonna be an optimist about this?", Brady was singing (confidently too), "How am I gonna make it up to Mr. Rhombus?".  It was the source of great amusement for all of us and Brady took it all in stride.

Links to videos for reference:

"Pour Some Sugar On Me"


Mr. Rhombus