Brady and GrandmaLast weekend I went to Maryland to see my beautiful grandson Brady for the first time. Mommy, Daddy and baby greeted me at the airport. It wasn't until we got back to the house that I got to hold the precious punkin in my arms. What an amazing experience, to nuzzle his hair, and watch him sleeping, to have his fingers grab one of mine and hold tight. He is truly the most beautiful baby in the whole world (no offense, Garrett and William, you two are cute, too).

Trying to cram a whole lot into four days wasn't easy, but we managed to do Sandy Point, the new Eldersburg bead store, grocery shopping, Home Depot, and Sunday at the Shumakes. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on Sunday, surrounded by new babies and a huge, loving family. And the burgers and brats, grilled by Lynn, were delicious!

Tyson actually remembered me, and seemed glad to have his walkies friend back. And Sneezy, usually aloof and uninterested, wanted some loving as well.

Saying goodbye was so hard, because I know that I will miss a lot of Brady's growing up. I made Mike promise me a new picture every week, but it's not the same as being there. it will have to do for now.

Thanks to everyone for making me welcome. I hope to be back again soon.