The 2007 Washington DC Region SCCA Solo season has come to an end.  I sold the M3 to a club racer in New York a few months back.  I was sorry to see it go, but the writing was on the wall in my opinion; it will continue its life as a competition vehicle, which is what Ron would have wanted.  Danny and I have brought the STU prepared 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer a looooong way from where it started the year.  Most of the horrible understeer is gone and the back end actually moves now when we want it to.  Its been a battle all year long for the STU title in the WDCR.   Going into the last event of the year I had only one win and a slew of seconds.  I'd been beaten by an M3 and another Evo all year since hopping into Danny's car.  It took us a while, but we finally got the car to where we could drive it hard and I had a lot of confidence going into the last event.  I was in 2nd place in points, 3 points behind the M3.  To win the championship I needed to win the event and the M3 had to finish 3rd or worse.  Two things contributed to the outcome: (1) the owner of the M3 confessed that the car was not legal (something I'd known for several months) and decided to drive a different car at the last event, and (2) Danny contacted the other Evo that had beaten me throughout the season and convinced him to come to the event.  In the end, I won by about a second and the M3 finished 4th, making me the 2007 WDCR Solo STU Champion.

Danny and I plan on running a full schedule next year including the WDCR and AI local events, several Pro Solos and the Solo National Championships in Topeka, KS.