Wow, life has been super crazy of late.  First an update on Brady who, turned eight months old today and is growing like a weed.  He's not mobile yet, but we don't think its far off.  Lately his favorite thing is to try to pull himself up to a standing position whenever he gets the chance.  If we help him to stand he will hold onto something and stand there for a long time.  He cut his first two teeth a few weeks ago (bottom center) and has really been practicing his "defiant" mode with us lately. He's been very vocal in the past few weeks also and regularly goes on a "Dada" diatribe, sometimes stringing five or six of them together and/or mixing in other syllables as well.  We've been working on getting him to say "Mama" and I swear I heard it out of him once this past weekend; it won't be long before he makes Karrie proud(er).

In other news, and related to Brady, Karrie is quitting work to be a stay-at-home mom.  Her last day at the law firm is 21 December.  We are blessed to be able to make this happen financially and we both agree that this is the best thing for Brady and our family.

Due to poor planning (procrastination) and increased fuel prices we decided to cancel our scheduled trip to Florida to visit with my mother, uncle and friends.  Part of the reason for the trip was to go through some of my grandmother's belongings which my uncle has been storing since her passing in 2004.  Thankfully he has agreed to continue to store these items for me until such time that I can come down and retrieve them.  We are hoping for a Florida national autocross early next year which we plan to combine with a vacation to visit everyone.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but the ham seems to be never ending.  We had Karrie's parents and grandmother over for Thanksgiving dinner and served up an eight pound ham, which was the smallest one they had at the store and about three pounds more than I wanted/needed.  Ham biscuits were tasty for a couple of days, but the ham persists.  Karrie's parents had the official turkey dinner on Saturday and all of her siblings, nieces and nephews (Brady's cousins) were there.  Brady has two cousins that are about 3 and 4 months older than him and it was good to see them together.

That same weekend our new living room furniture was delivered to compliment the 46" HD LCD we bought for ourselves on our anniversary.  The new chaise lounge replaces our 10 year old leather love seat which has found a new home in the guest bedroom and will eventually make it down to the basement once the office is relocated there.  The new power recline sofa replaces our badly worn leather sofa that matched the love seat.  The sofa was relocated to Karrie's parents where it is serving as additional seating in their basement theater.  Of course, to complete our new living room setup we were forced to purchase a new theater system and a Blue-Ray DVD player, which doubles as a PlayStation3 Wink

This past weekend we bought our Christmas tree, dug the holiday decorations out of the crawl space and decorated.  We are still in the process of putting some things out including my Christmas village.  This used to reside on top of the entertainment system, but that went away with the new TV and theater setup so I'm still working out a new location.  We also managed to get our holiday greeting cards out this past weekend which is remarkably early for us.  Yay us!

Aside from all that, its getting harder and harder to be (or at least admit to being) a Dolphin's fan.  I hope they manage to pull one out before the end of the season, although its starting to look bleak.  Their best chance was this past weekend against the 2nd worst team in the league, but the Jets managed to blow them out 40-13.  Sigh...

I guess that's it for now.  I'm really going to make an effort to utilize this site more often, if for nothing else than to post random thoughts.