Its true, up until recently I have never taken a strong interest in politics.  Yes, I voted in all the primaries and Presidential elections, but I never really took an interest in the candidates and their stand on issues that mattered to me.  Sadly, I think this is probably the approach most people have with regards to politics and voting.  This year, I've decided to become an informed voter and using this column to help my readers (all 2 of you) to become informed voters as well, if you are so inclined.

As this is my first post on the subject, I'll keep it relatively short and simple by just giving you a few tools that I've used to help me become more informed.

  1. -  A great website which offers the voting records and quotes on the issues from current politicians as well as candidates.  You can also list the candidates stands on specific issues on a single page, allowing you to compare candidates more easily.  This website also offers its VoteMatch Quiz which allows you to take a 20 question "quiz" about your stand on certain issues and then tells you how your views match up with the current Presidential candidates.
  2. Project Vote Smart - Similar to, but not quite as intuitive, in my humble opinion.  The really neat thing about this website is that you can enter your zip+4 on the main page and get a list of the current elections, current officials and current candidates in your area with links to biographical, political and contact information about each.
These two websites should get you up and running and pointed in the direction of an informed political choice for the upcoming elections.  My goal is to post to this section at least once a week.  At first the articles will be general in nature, but as I start to learn and align with a candidate or candidates, they will likely start to slant.  As you can see from the top of the page, right now I am supporting Fred Thompson based on the research I've done on his stance on several issues which are important to me.  I will delve more into that in the near future.