Brady's Banter

Yup, I said it

After a particularly trying time getting the boys in bed:

Brady: "I don't feel good. I feel obnoxious."

Karrie: "What do you mean?"

Brady: "Like I'm gonna throw up."

We went to the fair and Brady went on the Nemo ride.  When it was done I went to help him get out of his Nemo and he whispered the following in my ear regarding the girl who was in the Nemo in front of his and had face paint and glitter:

"Daddy, I like her.  She's showing off her fancy."

"I changed my mind mommy, I do want a brick house so if there *is* a wolf, he can't blow our house down."

Brady after telling Karrie 5 minutes earlier, in reply to her question about what he wanted in a new house, that he didn't want a brick house.

"Mommy is slow as 'olasses."  Brady, pontificating on the amount of time it takes Karrie to use the restroom while in her one-piece bathing suit after we left the pool.


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