Brady's Banter

Yup, I said it

After an argument with Karrie about going to bed, crying as I try to settle him down: "Daddy, I'm just not a big fan of mommy right now."

At the Hyattsville Cyclocross race yesterday as the last race was about to start they made an announcement on the PA that there was "only a little beer left".  Brady, having heard this rides his bike up to where I am says: "Daddy, you want some beer?  They are almost out; if you want some you should hurry."

While outside riding his bike: "Daddy, I'm daddy and you're Brady.  Ask me how my shoes get on those pedals."  Me: "Daddy, how do your shoes get on those pedals?"  Brady: "They snap in, like this, 'click, click' ."  I think he's been observing pretty well at my races.

While we were out hiking Brady picked up two small tree branches to use as walking sticks.  Before walking off ahead of us, he said, "Come on guys, stick with me."  His first pun.


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