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Lucas, Brady and MommyOur second son made his entry into the world Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 4:37pm.  Lucas was a healthy 7lbs 14oz and 21 inches long.  Karrie was a champ as usual and did a fantastic job.  This delivery was significantly easier for her than Brady's, but more painful.  No complications for either one of them, which meant that we could all come home today.

Brady stayed with Nana and Papy while Karrie and I were at the hospital.  I picked him up from school Friday afternoon and took him to the hospital to meet his baby brother, Lucas and Dadwho he has nicknamed "Luca".  Brady was very excited to see Karrie, but as soon as he saw her and said hello he instantly started scanning the room looking for Lucas.  His reactions were very positive and Karrie and I are looking forward to watching their bond grow.

We were discharged from the hospital today at around noon, after which we picked up Brady and Tyson from Karrie's parents and headed home.  Again Brady was a champ, eager to see his brother and let him know "I'm your big brother" but at the same time being as gentle as he always is; the kid is as sweet as can be.

Tonight we are attending the monthly Shumake family dinner at Karrie's parents where Lucas will be introduced to Karrie's siblings and their families.

...or ejection or something.  The new baby's due date is march 3rd, which is next Wednesday so we are in the home stretch.  Brady was a prompt baby, arriving on his due date and we are hoping #2 will do the same.  Karrie is still pretty comfortable, active and mobile so life is good.  Brady is pretty excited too to meet his baby "bruddah".  Karrie and I still have a little bit of work to do, like choosing a name and stuff.  We are going to work on that tonight.  Updates will come here when we know more.


Bracing for round two of snow storms giganticus today and tomorrow, this time calling for 12-20 inches.  I have no idea where we are going to put all this new snow, especially since the old snow is piled 10 feet high all over the place.  I predict the snow will not be gone until late March.

At any rate, looks like me and my little helper will be out there shoveling again tomorrow and maybe Thursday.

Everything outside is white; there is no color to be found anywhere.  The three of us are starting to get a little bit of cabin fever.  With the exception of my shoveling a path for Tyson to go out and do his business, none of us has ventured out at all.  I measured 18 inches of snow on our deck, this after clearing it completely yesterday.  I estimate about 4-6 hours of shoveling tomorrow with the major obstacle being where to put the snow.  Unlikely the plows will make it to our street tomorrow; didn't see one at all today on the connector road either.  I'll do my best to make sure we can leave if we need to in an emergency but probably won't venture to work Friday unless the plow makes it through.

Six years ago today my beloved grandmother (Mima) passed away at the age of 83 while living the life of a 70-year old.  I can't say that I think of her everyday, but I do think of her very frequently and miss her a lot.  Her sage advice and never ending sense of humor are irreplaceable.  I often times find myself longing to talk to her just one more time, to tell how much she meant to me; how much I appreciated her every action, each one made with the sole purpose of helping others.  It saddens me so deeply that she didn't have the opportunity to meet Brady and his brother who is soon-to-arrive, the two of them being her only great-grandchildren.  Even more saddening is the fact that Brady and his brother will never have the privilege to meet Mima or to learn any of the many lessons she was gracious enough to have taught me.  She was truly a great and beautiful human being and I'm thankful that I got to spend 34 years of my life getting to know her.  She was the cornerstone of my very small family; neither my mother or my uncle, her two children, will argue with that fact.  I look forward to the day when my children are old enough to listen to stories about Mima that are stored in my memory and to the day when we can all go and visit with her in her final resting place and pay remembrance.

Mima, I love and miss you.


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