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Turning over the pedals

So the weather finally started cooperating around here.  That combined with some extra time off of work meant that I was able to get out on the road and ride a bit.  Thursday I took a spin to Liberty Bike Shop to have them look at my crank; still trying to diagnose a noise I'm hearing from time to time.  There are a couple of short hills on this ride that hurt: total mileage was 9.25.  Friday I went riding with Dan up in Finksburg.  Started out attempting a 24 mile route, but ended up doing 15.08 total.  A couple of challenging hills at the start of this ride really did me in and I asked Dan to cut it short.  I'm seriously contemplating getting a compact double now; on one climb was in my 39/26 and pedaling 40 RPMs which just killed my legs.  Hoping to get out some more this weekend.  My ride blog is here.

I can't seem to manage more than 10 miles on the trainer at a given time.  I really can't wait for it to warm up so I can start getting some base miles under my belt.  I'm starting to also do a lot of core building exercises which should go a long way to improving my ability to ride.  Once I get 500 base miles I am going to start doing hill intervals.  I really hate hills because I am really bad at climbing so hopefully this will help me improve in that area.  At any rate, COME ON WARM WEATHER!!!!

I got my new bicycle wheels the other day:

    - Black Velocity Aerohead (28 holes front and rear, offset center rear wheel) 
    - Speedcific hubs (Perception front, Serenity rear)
    -  Front spokes: black DT Swiss Revolution laced 0x
    - Rear spokes: black Wheelsmith DB14 on left rear laced 1x
                             black DT Swiss Competition on rear drive laced 3x
    - Nipples: DT Swiss 14 gauge alloy on front and left rear
                     DT Swiss 14 gauge brass on rear drive side
    - Velocity Veloplugs (instead of rim tape)
    - Weights: 645g front, 848g rear, 1493g total 

These wheels were custom built to withstand my abuse by  Mike Garcia.  Unfortunately for me the combination of the very cold weather and trying to ready the nursery has left me no time to even take a spin on these yet.  Hopefully I'll be able to get out for at least a short ride this weekend.

 In other news, I have set a goal for myself in terms of riding this year.  Last year I rode about 1200 miles and really wasn't vigilant at all to making time to ride.  This year won't be any easier with the baby coming, but I would like to do at least 3000 miles in 2007.  To accomplish this, I plan on doing as many group rides as I can including weekday and weekend club rides locally, as well as several century rides in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  More to come on the schedule for the longer rides to come soon; some will be charity rides and I'll be looking for sponsors!

Who would have thought we'd have 70 degree weather in early January in Maryland?  Dad and I joined a couple of local clubs' joint ride for a 25 mile jaunt.  Ride details can be found here.

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