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It's hard to believe that its already been a year since our beautiful baby boy came into this world.  He's really started developing his personality in the past few weeks.  He's started to think he is a comedian and when he does something he deems funny, he'll look at us and laugh, which in turn of course makes us laugh.  Grandma Linda is coming in to town for the weekend to celebrate Brady's birthday with us and Karrie's family.  We are having a small party for him on Saturday where he'll get his first taste of cake.  Watch out world!

Well, Brady had his four month check-up on August 6th but we've been without internet access (Thanks Comcast!!! Yell) for a couple of weeks so I haven't been able to post anything about it.  The good news is that Brady is doing well and growing very well.  His length was 26.75" (99th percentile) and his weight was 16lbs 5oz (90th percentile) so he is progressing very well.  Everyone else is doing fine, although Tyson has been getting a bit jealous lately, but he is still the best dog ever.  I put some new pictures of Brady up in the gallery the other day (July and August pictures) so please feel free to check out our little man if you have an account.

Mike, Karrie and Brady

Sorry for being such a slacker and not posting this until today.  Last Thursday Brady went for his one month wellness checkup and here are the stats:

  • Weight: 11lbs 1oz (up from 9lbs 1oz at birth and just under the 90th percentile for one month olds)
  • Length: 24 inches (up from 21.25 inches at birth and in the 95th percentile for one month olds)

The doctor said that Brady is very healthy and even though he is still spitting up quite a bit, since he is gaining weight and growing well there is no need to attempt to treat him.  More pictures are coming, I promise; I am in the process of reorganizing the galleries and uploading more pictures as I find time to edit them.


Today I had the very sad and unfortunate duty to attend a viewing for someone I'd never met.  Not only had I never met this person, we had absolutely nothing in common and were separated in age by more than 37 years.  In truth, I only knew this person's father, but just barely.  I had exchanged messages with Steve several times via a Yahoo group for cyclists but had only met him once, for an organized ride at the end of April 2007.  We rode together with a friend of Steve's for about 9 miles before the pace they were setting started to hurt me and I told them to go ahead and ride their ride.  During that very short ride together we discussed the joys of being a new father; at the time, Brady was less than a month old and Steve's youngest daughter, Allison was a little less than 2 months old.  
So here are two men who barely knew each other, the only two things they appear to have in common (based on the limited knowledge they have of each other) is that they are both new dads (the third time for Steve) and they both love cycling.  So why then, one might ask, did I feel it was my duty to go to the viewing for Allison Grace Tedeshi, whom I'd never met and whose father I barely knew?  This is a question I asked myself as I struggled to decide whether I should attend the viewing or not.  After all, I wasn't even sure Steve would recognize me, and his wife surely wouldn't, having never met me.  What comfort could I bring to this grieving family?  I couldn't even fathom the thought of losing Brady (I tried and could not do it) let alone comprehend the inexplicable pain this family must be experiencing at the sudden, unexpected loss of their 4 month old daughter.  In the end, I was compelled to go and express mine and Karrie's sympathy.  Yes, it seemed silly considering they don't know me and chances are they wouldn't even remember I was there.  But I went anyway.
And even though I never met Allison and barely knew her father, I wept, anyway.  I wept because of the excruciating heartache this family was enduring.  As I walked past the pictures the family had set out of their beautiful little girl, I wept.  And as I passed the open coffin where Allison lay, I wept more.  As I tried desperately to calm myself before coming to Steve and his wife Kelly, I realized why I was weeping.  Yes, I was weeping out of compassion for this family's misfortune, but I was also weeping because at that moment I realized it could just as easily have been Karrie and I at the end of that receiving line.  It was then that I saw very clearly that it could be any of us.  As I expressed our condolences to Steve and Kelly and explained how I knew Steve, Kelly imparted these words to me: she said, "Love your baby, for us." 
As I left the funeral home, weeping, I decided that Kelly's message was one worth passing on to those that I love.  We all tell each other "I love you", sometimes multiple times a day, sometimes only once a year, sometimes even less.  Its a nice thing to say as well as to hear, but sadly it is often spoken out of habit.  I ask all of you today to please cherish every moment you have with those that you love, whether it be your children, your spouses, your parents, your grandparents or your friends.  Tell them that you love them often, but show them that you love them more often.  Leave no doubt in their mind that you love them, and leave no doubt in your mind that they know you do, lest you regret it when they are gone.
To all my family and friends, I love you and starting today I will aim to do a better job of telling you and showing you.  For this piece of enlightenment I am forever indebted to Allison Grace Tedeschi and her family.
Allison Grace Tedeschi - "Tinker Bell"
March 9, 2007 - July 8, 2007
Rest in peace and may God strengthen and comfort your family. 

The title is a quote from Pablo Picasso, not Brady, but man if we could frame some of Brady's spit up and sell it as art his college education would be taken care of already.  This kid spits up a LOT and manages to turn what should be a 45 minute feeding into a 2 hour exercise in patience, mind reading and personal hygiene.  Personally, I'd rather change dirty diapers all day than try to catch the unused portion of Brady's meals and Karrie is starting to feel the same way!  We are hopeful that he will outgrow this issue soon, but in the meantime we are doing a lot of laundry.  Perhaps we are making it more difficult than it need be; I'm sure that when he was in the NICU they didn't spend an hour burping him and catching his spit up after they fed him.  My guess is that they just put him down to sleep with his head to the side and cleaned up the resultant mess later on, but I'm not sure and for that reason we continue our present course.  Any advice in this area is readily and gratefully accepted.

In other news, Brady had his second doctor's appointment this past Wednesday.  At his first appointment the previous week he weighed in at 8lbs 9oz and that had the doctor a little concerned, hence the follow-up a week later.  This time Brady weighed in at 9lbs 5oz, a gain of 12oz over the course of the week.  Since they typically like to see newborns gain 1oz a day, Brady exceeded their expectations and has no more appointments until his regular one month check-up at the beginning of May.  The doctor also told us that Brady's clavicle is healing well and there is no need to immobilize it any more.  So it seems that Mr. Brady is fine shape and continuing to eat, sleep and spit; somehow in between he finds time to grow too.


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